Friday, November 27, 2009

'Ran-thambili' - 'Sevvilany' - Golden King coconut, Sri Lanka.

The colour of the Golden King coconut as seen in the picture, was considered the acme of beauty of skin  among females in the ancient Sri Lanka. Ebony colour was also considered beautiful as reflected in the names 'Kalu Menika', Kalut Ethana. "Snow white' was not eagerly sought after. I took this picture on a Fuji Finepix S 1500. The tree is in our house garden.
Addition by Dr. Daya Jayasinghe:-

Daya Jayasinghe

 to me

I must tell a story about Thambili here.I and a few groups of us got stranded on the road due to sudden floods in a trip to North.We had to stay overnight in cars till the flood waters receded. Towards the night some group members got bored and decided to jump the fence and walk towards the light of a farmers house . There they saw a thambili tree grown for its beauty, full of fruits.The farmer gave them a few fruits. This was brought to the cars on the road where we started enjoying ,when all Aussie cars behind us brought their cameras and filmed us as they have mot seen this before. They too enjoyed a drink and learned something. Daya j.