Thursday, January 16, 2014

Nagar Kovil, Point-Pedro, Sri Lanka.

The road to Nagar Kovil from Kudaththanai.
The historic Nagar Kovil temple rebuilt.
I met the temple priest and inquired about the origin of this temple. He said it belonged to very ancient times, of the time of the 'Yakkar and Naagar'. A very pious Hindu recluse had been told in a dream to come to this place. When the recluse came here he saw a 'five headed cobra' under a tree. He had started a place of worship and it thrived with time. In the 1950s it drew large crowds. It was destroyed during the recent past and is now rebuilt.
Road to the beach.
Sand dunes.
'Purple Heron' in the paddy field.
The sea shore.
Click on the web-link below to see a video I prepared out of the photos I took on this visit:-