Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tales of an Enchanted Boyhood Alupola to Jaffna,1940 to 1960, by Dr. Philip G Veerasingam.

This re-call of times between the early years 1940 to 1960, covers the boyhood years of the author. The early part of the book relives the scenes in a tea-estate in Rathnapura, Sri Lanka. The latter half covers life in Jaffna. Various incidents of this period are related with a sense of humor. The stories related will I am sure, pluck your heart-strings. The way life was lived in the pre-plastic era and scenes of rural life of this era, will take you back over half a century.
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27th August 2014.

On the Avissawella - Rathnapura road in the morning.

A load of King-coconuts, Avissawella, Sri Lanka.

These mini-lorries, imported from India and China for around Rs,100,0000/= are plenty in the villages of Sri Lanka. They are used mainly to transport home-grown goods to the market.