Sunday, March 2, 2014

'Tales of an Enchanted Boyhood' - New publication.

Expected publication by April 2014.

Will follow up with a final notice on the public release of the book.
If you have read the earlier two publications by the same author this would
be a good addition to your library.
Philip G V.

Varieties of rice, Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka had cultivation of rice going back several millenia. It was and still is the staple food of more than 90% of Sri Lankans. Industrialisation brought in rice polished in mills leading to Vitamin B deficiency called 'Beri Beri' in the population in the 1950s. 'Milchad' was one of the earlier long grain rices imported in the 1950s. It had a different smell and taste. There were a large variety of local strains giving rice of various sizes and tastes.
We bought these packs in Gampaha recently. It was a welcome change to cook, savour and taste these old varities of rice. What culinary delights await those who cook these varieties of organic rice.