Monday, January 9, 2012

Victoria Dam, Adikarigama, Sri Lanka.

The massive Victoria Dam, built in the form of an 'egg-shell' - double convex shape, on British aid, holds back the waters of the Mahaweli Ganga at Adikarigama, Sri Lanka. The dammed up water runs through a tunnel and powers turbines to generate electricity for the national grid. Completed in the 1980s it has already paid back all the loans taken to build the dam. Photo by Queenie V.

'Black-winged Stilts, Avissawella. Sri Lanka.

'Black-winged Stilts' - Himantopus himantopus - at a pond in Avissawella, Sri Lanka. The male has a black wing and the female has a brownish wing. They are standing on one leg and watching the water for fish. What an adorable pair. The lower picture shows a lonely bachelor.