Friday, October 16, 2015

Drone attack on a bee colony, Home garden, Sri Lanka.

Drones come to the bee-hive in our home garden and waiting near the entrance pick the bees off individually, to take away to feed their young ones. I was advised to smash each individual drone, hovering near the entrance to the hive, using a cricket bat. I put up a small net to cover the entrance of the hive hoping to prevent the larger sized drones from going close to the entrance. I found the drone landing on the net and creeping inside.
 I have a Chinese made electrified net mounted on a racket' used to kill mosquitoes. I used this gadget to give a 3000 volt shock to the drone leaving the hive. It vanished from sight and subsequently for the last few days I have not  seen any drones near our bee-hive. He must have got 'the shock of his life' and cautioned his hive mates. I am waiting for further developments.
Chinese made 'mosquito kller'. It uses a rechargeable battery. A metal net is seperated on either side by a plastic net. On pressing a button and swing the net, mosquitos get entangled in the net and the high voltage literally vaporises the mosquitos with a loud click sound. These rackets  are sold in Sri Lanka for Rs.600/- each.

At the entrance to the Wilpaththu National Park, Sri Lanka.