Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Devotees at 'Katharagama'/'Kathirkaamam', Sri Lanka.

The 'line-up' for the 'Pooja vattiya'.

The entrance to the 'Kovil'.

The old temple of 'Lord Muruga'.

An adjoining Buddhist Shrine.
The story is told of how Lord Muruga / Skanda Deviyo developed sores on his body and went away from his home and wife to wander in the wilderness. He came across the hut of a Veddha Cheiftain where his young daughter 'Valliamma' was living. He fell in love and was rejected by her. Ultimately Lord Muruga got his brother Lord Vinayaga the elephant-headed God to frighten Valli at an opportune moment taking the form of an elephant. The frightened Valli fell into the arms of Lord Muruga who happened to be present and was rescued by Him. Valli subsequently married Lord Muruga as his second wife.
To this day the 'Aaraathi Ammal' of the temple are females from the Veddha clan who address Lord Muruga as 'Machchaan'/ 'Massina'.
This Kovil is more than 2000 years old.