Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Wedagama, off Pugoda, Gampaha District, 'Horiwila Handy Weda', Sri Lanka.

Statue of the original 'Horivila Vedarala'

On a Saturday, Sunday patients start arriving by 3 wheelers, cars and vans by about 2am. Numbers for appointment are issued from 4.30am. Consultations start at 6am. The numbers reach more than 200 by 12 noon when no more appointments are given. After a short consultation - Rs.500/ given in a betel 'hurulla', for the first visit and Rs,200/- given for a second visit, herbal oils and poultices are applied. Three weeks supply of herbal oils and herbs to prepare the poultice, have to be bought from ayurvedic pharmacies close by. They will even grind the herbs for the patient, for a fee.
The draw for traditional medicines is still high in Sri Lanka.

The road to Wedagama from Pugoda, Sri Lanka.