Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Kadugannawa 'tunnel' and its environs, Sri Lanka.

The road by-passing the old 'tunnel'.

The old 'tunnel' created by the British.

A small rivulet by the highway.

A rock-shelter.
The 'Balana' S - Look-out - fort of the Kandyan Kingdom overlooked the Kadugannawa climb. It spelt the nemesis of many an invading army. 'Kadu' S - Sword, 'ganna' S - to pick up, 'aawaa' S - arrived, shortened as Kadugannawa was the place where presumably the armoury of the 'Ihala Kotte' was situated. It was also the place of blacksmiths of repute. The climb to Kadugannawa from Mawanella is steep and in the old days the vehicles would stop to cool the hot engines. Now it still has water hoses by the roadside to wash cars while the drivers take a rest. The highway is now lined with fruit stalls.