Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Flora of Kosgama, Avissawella, Sri Lanka.

The Jak fruit. The story is told of how 'Sakkara Deviyo' had given this fruit to be cooked by a village woman and asked why the fruits on the Jak tree were not plucked. She had replied that no one ate the fruit of that tree. 'Sakkara Deviya' had ordered her to cook a fruit for him and promised to come back for the cooked meal. The aroma of the cooked Jak fruit was irresistible and the woman partook of a small portion of it. When the God 'Sakkara' returned he called the woman a thief (Hora Liya)  and said  'Hera Liya tho ma kaapiya'' - 'Thief woman you finish the entire fruit' and stomped away. To this day the Jak is called 'Heraliya' by the Sinhalese.

A flower on a shrub growing wild.

A wild Orchid, Kosgama, Avissawella.

Leaves of colour.