Saturday, December 3, 2011

A tea-factory and a planter's bungalow - remnants of British Colonial rule, Haputhale, Sri Lanka.

The valley towards Bandarawela as seen from Haputhale, Sri Lanka.

The main train to Badulla from Colombo and estate roads in a tea estate and a tea factory are seen in this photo.

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The climb from Beragala to Haputhale - mid stage.

In the 1960s the rains would bring torrents of water coursing down the road on this stretch and cause damage to the highway and initiating landslides. Now well constructed concrete conduits and drains carry the water away. This was a project done by 'Keangnam' a South Korean firm. The Koreans inherited their modern engineering skills from their French Colonial masters. Thus we see the French approach to road construction in Sri Lanka improving on the British legacy that we had from our British Colonial masters.

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