Saturday, October 27, 2012

'Look-out point' and the 18 hairpin bends leading to Hasalaka, Sri Lanka.

Panorama from 'look-out point' past Madugoda
View of the 'Sorabora Wewa' from the 'look-out point'

There is a 'look-out point' past Madugoda before the 18 hairpin bends leading on to Hasalaka and Mahiyangana. There is always a severe blowing here. The air rising from the Mahiyangana valley blows through the gap in the hills at this point. You can see three water-reservoirs in the valley below. The one shown in the second picture is the 2000 year old 'Sorabora Wewa'. The video below shows the 18 hairpin bends after this point.
18 hairpin bends