Thursday, August 29, 2013

Various Dieties having their temples inside the 'Paththini Dewale' at Nawagamuwa, Sri Lanka.

Dewale of 'Katharagama Deviyo' - 'Lord Murugan' of the Saivites.

Temple of 'Saman Deviyo'

'Paththini Dewale', Nawagamuwa, Sri Lanka.

The 'Budu Medura'.

Artifacts in front of the 'Paththini Dewale.
It is recorded in the Tamil Kavya 'Silappadhikaaram' written around the 2nd Century AD, that at the ceremonial opening of a temple for the Goddess 'Kannaki - Paththini' in present day Kerala, 'Kayavaahu mannan' (presumably King Gajabahu) from Sri Lanka was an honored guest. He returned to Sri Lanka bearing a 'Sacred Anklet jewel' and established a temple at Nawagamuwa on the bank of the Kelani Ganga. He brought in nine different castes of families and settled them each caste in a village surrounding the temple, to service the temple. The term 'Nawagamuwa' meaning nine villages dates from that time. The worship of 'Paththini' spread Island wide.